The Buzz Zone

The Buzz Zone is an after-school and holiday centre set up for primary school children in Pretoria East. We provide a safe and fun environment for your child to stay and play in when they are not in school.

After-School Centre

The children attending our after-school centre will be collected from designated schools in the area and dropped off at The Buzz Zone. They will receive a cooked lunch and be supervised during homework time before free-play and a snack at 4pm. A computer room and library will be provided for research and project work, the ever-increasing library will also be used to encouraged reading. The computer room will be open all day for project work, typing and printing. The after-school centre is R800 a month including school pick-ups from designated schools as well as all meals.

Daily schedule:

12:30-13:00pm - Arrive, change out of uniforms and free-play inside

13:00 -13:30pm - Lunch

13:30-14:00pm - Free-play inside or outside

14:00-15:00 - Homework and computer room

15:00-16:00 - Free-play inside and out

16:00-16:30 - Snack Time

16:30-17:30 - Free-play until home time

Holiday Club

Our after-school children will get preference for the holiday club and the holiday club will run every school holiday, except from mid-December until early January. During the holidays we will offer structured arts and crafts on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well as free play inside and out. On a Tuesday and Thursday we will offer free-play arts and crafts as well as free-play inside and out. We will accept children on a day-by-day basis on a daily rate, or on a weekly basis at a discounted rate. The holiday centre will cater for 3 and 4 term schools so please contact us for further information.

The costs are as follows:

The weekly rate full day will be R550, half day R450. 

The daily rate will be R120 for half day and R150 for a full day. 

All meals and art supplies are included in the price.

Daily Schedule:

07:15 - Open

07:45-08:15 - Breakfast

08:15-11:30 - Structured/free-play arts and crafts

11:30-12:00 - Tidy Up

12:00-12:30 - Lunch

12:30-16:00 - Complete Arts and crafts/Free-play

16:00-16:30 - Snack Time

16:30-17:30 - Free-play

For further information and for a detailed holiday schedule please contact 


The Buzz Zone, 916 Saint Bernard Drive, Garsfontein, Pretoria 


012 993 0277